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The JP Institute mission today remains still much the same as its foundational roots.   JPI continues to extend its global reach and is committed to serving the dental community with innovation and change with integrity, empowerment, inspiration, and education to embrace life- long learning.  JP NOW! promises Joy and Prosperity by  bringing more body, mind, and spirit wellness concepts to the dental community as it is now essential to recover, rejuvenate, renew, and thrive.

“Let’s work together, quickly heal ourselves, our profession and continue to serve our patients and community in a safe and healthy environment.”

The JPI teams have been busy evolving, learning, innovating, and growing.  Learn what they have accomplished in the last 40 Years

” The ongoing JPI mission has been based on the need for the highest level of care for patients. The science-based therapeutic protocols and systems are determined by individual patient risk assessment.  Understanding and applying necessary interdisciplinary comprehensive treatment for oral and systemic health is achieved through the integration of complete collaborative dental care.”  Jan Lazarus

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