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"JP Institute has no doubt been a cornerstone of Citracado's success!”

"As founding members of Citracado Dental Group, a thriving, comprehensive and progressive family practice in North County San Diego, Dr. Julie Kangas, alongside her talented partner/husband, Dr. William Jungman, stand apart as leaders in the forefront of integrating dentistry and medicine. Recognized for outstanding dental health care with a 5star reputation for excellence, Citracado Dental Group attracts a loyal clientele based on personalized, quality services provided by a dedicated and talented team. Two of four of their adult sons, 4th generation dentists, are part of the exceptional Citracado team.

Citracado Dental offers a welcoming and nurturing, family style office environment led by a compassionate, superior staff that embodies the integrity of Citracado’s vision, which is to build a team dedicated to advanced training, trusting patient relationships, and excellence.  This vision invites patients to be part of a family practice dedicated to a mission of “turning fear into trust, building lifelong relationships and creating great dental memories today and for future generations”.  Dr. Kangas attributes much of Citracado's vision and subsequent success to an ongoing partnership with The JP Institute.  Their leadership and training has set Citracado apart in continually striving for standards of excellence as forerunners in total health dentistry. JPI has served as a cornerstone that established Citracado's branding as a premium comprehensive oral systemic dental practice. 

Extensive hygienist and team training with The JP Institute (JPI)) stands as an invaluable investment to Citracado's thriving team which has empowered hygienists to establish quality care, continuity, trust, and patient confidence. Currently, all four of Citracado Dental Group’s hygienists pursue The JP Institute's mastership certification.  Dr. Kangas credits The JP Institute's training as a proven standardized system, that offers Citracado consistency of service especially during instabilities in the economy and insurance changes, by providing methods for maximum case acceptance and minimal involvement with PPOs.  Today, patients recognize Citracado as a trusted wellness center dedicated to helping them achieve improved quality of life through oral systemic health. Here, patients are invited into The Citracado Experience, a unique blend of oral systemic health and dental services led by a team “driven to exceed expectations and to provide positive experiences, while changing lives every day”.  This excellence shines bright in impressive staff and patient loyalty and longevity – the majority of staff and patients have been with Citracado for over 15 years!

Dr. Kangas' interest in expanding scientific research connecting oral and systemic health continues to guide Citracado in revolutionizing the connection of dentistry and medicine, while providing patients with quality wellness care and resources in the prevention of oral systemic disease. As members of the American Academy of Oral and Systemic Health, with advanced training in multiple specialized aspects of dentistry and oral systemic health, Dr. Kangas and Dr. Jungman are the first and only dentists in San Diego County to receive a Charter Fellow award from the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health. Along with the leadership of JP Institute in helping them achieve long term goals toward maintaining quality standards for outstanding service, these two dedicated leaders guide their team with passion toward empowering patients to live longer and healthier lives."

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"Nobody bridges the gap between "what is" and "what could be" like Jan  of  The JP Institute. She connects the dots between the dentist, hygiene team, and patients by always starting with the "why" behind her evidence-based philosophies. This strategy has led to an inspired hygiene program at my practice that has allowed me to provide comprehensive periodontal and restorative care to my patients. Any practice looking to differentiate themselves by improving the health and wellbeing of their patients should strongly consider Jan's program."

Dr. Drew Addy

Carlsbad, CA

"I have been an active client with JP Consultants Institute since the early 90s. I was recommended to JP on the push of one of my hygienists who was the past president of her state hygiene association. And before I became a dentist, I received by B.S. from hygiene school at UCSF. For me, JPI was my entry into becoming a more advanced practice. It gave a complete system for the hygiene department that made me want to find a similar program for the restorative side of the practice. Then I found out that was part of the JPI program at the next training. It was the beginning of being able to get out of an insurance dependent practice and looking at delivery a practice based on quality of care and a value attitude. The JP Evolutionary Team and Hygiene program is a great balance of science and a delivery of treatment program without the added pressure of having to buy a specific product. It gave my team the strong understanding of why but also what works to develop the instrumentation of how and what to do when a particular condition is encountered. IT IS A COMPLETE SYSTEM! And I do mean a system that has the ability to become customized for our unique philosophy. There is no guesswork rather you work inside a system that deals with instrumentation, technologies, delivery of treatment, verbal communication, insurance coding, coordination with adjunctive therapies.  I went through their program early on in the 90s. Took a refresher in the late 90s. My entire team (including my associate) and I just completed the mastery program in 2005. The JPI training even gave my dental assistants who are relatively new in their careers the confidence to talk with patients about their treatment, the treatment plan, and the financial aspects of the case.  Furthermore, the spin off is that the restorative side is seeing the benefits of what the team learned about in perio but they have adapted the system to provide treatment excellence on the restorative side.  My suggestion is run don't walk to get enrolled. You will definitely purify your practice and receive a great ROI!"


Anthony G. Gallegos, DDS, MAGD
ISCD Certified CEREC Trainer


Continued: Additionally, one of the side benefits to this training has been that it has empowered the doctors to have better communication with individual team members and deal with personnel issues in a more objective way."

Laser Testimonial

"We purchased a laser about 5 years ago and never used it consistently.  My hygienists were not confident that the laser was providing improved clinical outcomes!  Then, we were referred to The JP Institute custom hands on laser training.  Now, we understand the art, science, and full integration of using the laser.  We love using the laser and finally confident about the enhanced clinical results!  Thank you!!"

DDS Oakland, CA 

Testimonial Evolutionary Hygiene / Mastership Training

“This course has brought out confidence and credibility in the way I perform not only clinically, but even in my personal life.  It has made me feel like I am actually helping people and they understand what is happening with their health.”     Los Angeles DDS

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