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Revitalize & Exceed Expectations

Custom Hybrid Learning System (HLS) Includes:

Private solo and group custom designed in-office training and consulting in support of the oral systemic practice.  This training is delivered with a combination of interactive on-line learning activities and live or virtual clinical  Zoom style group workshops with hands on demonstration. Training is for entire office team. With an emphasis on supporting the clinical team in advanced overall patient care, understanding the advantages of aesthetic referral and maximizing patient clinical results.


"We have gone through JP programs 3 times in our office. I credit them directly for a huge improvement in our hygiene program as well as a healthy financial and clinical improvement in the restorative/aesthetic side of my practice. JP has given an air of respect  to our hygiene department that has increased moral, lowered stress and improved collections for the entire practice. I can say with complete confidence that working with JP will be one of the best things you ever do for your practice."

Online Explanation
Evolutionary Team Hygiene

Training for Your Entire Team

Choose from over 300 custom objectives in more the 10 Successful Modules


I’m so impressed with how seamlessly training went today. Your instructions on what materials to print off along with the materials you sent worked perfectly with your presentation. I felt like we were totally prepared. Today went better than I could have imagined with the virtual experience!


I couldn’t wait until Monday to give you feedback and I don’t have my phone handy up here to give you a quick text. So, I decided to email you instead!


Lots of love and gratitude,


Office Administrator

Your Custom Training Program May Include One or All of the Above Training Methods

The JP Institute Mission is to continually update, innovate and evolve our science- based curriculum to meet the ongoing and ever-changing needs of our dedicated clients and the dental community.  Dentistry has changed more in the last year and a half than in the last 5 years and so have we!  We have learned through extensive experience in over 3700 practices how to evaluate needs and create a customize training for any practice or group of practices wanting to build or refine their hygiene department services.  We have developed a unique hybrid learning system (HLS).  This updated instructional method utilizes a combination of custom phone coaching, virtual classroom style interaction, as well as the use of online eLearning proficiency- based methods.

This blended learning system creates an environment to motivate and inspire the entire team to unify philosophies, create continuity, harmony, apply knowledge and to effortlessly work as a team.  Our recently updated, proven time management skills increase the efficiency of each team member, and our case acceptance skills increase the value that each brings to your practice.

Empowerment with Results

Our advanced comprehensive curriculum is designed to inspire and motivate our already successful, progressive practices that are continuously reaching for their next level. Additionally, we are excited to help our practices that are just beginning to hire and train a hygienist and build healthy foundations for a profitable hygiene department, supporting a strong restorative practice.  Our JPI trainers are certified to assist you in finding your next level!  Please read on and learn more about all the modules and objectives available to refine your services or build your “Oral Systemic Practice” and train your collaborative team!

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