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"40 Years of Challenges and 40 Years of Change"

"Join the community of JP Institute certified trainers and clinicians committed to leading the global movement for ideal prevention with optimized oral and systemic health and great collaborative dental care."   "Consider that my invitation"   
Jan Lazarus - Founder
Build the Best JPI Oral Systemic Practice

          JP NOW! Continues to evolve and lead the way with their renown comprehensive “Evolutionary Team Hygiene” curriculum.  NOW offering more opportunities than ever to advance your career by becoming a JPI Certified Trainer.  Join the community of JPI certified trainers and clinicians committed to leading the global movement for ideal prevention, oral and systemic health with collaborative dental care. 


“Nobody bridges the gap between "what is" and "what could be" like The JP Institute. They connect the dots between the dentist, hygiene team, and patients by always starting with the "why" behind The JPI evidenced based philosophies. This strategy has led to an inspired hygiene program at my practice that has allowed me to provide a much improved comprehensive periodontal and restorative care to my patients. Any practice looking to differentiate themselves by improving the health and wellbeing of their patients should strongly consider The JP Institute program”.


Thanks again JP,

Dr. Drew Addy, Carlsbad, CA


No One Does it Better

I was a DIY dentist. I waited 10 years to hire JP because I thought I could do what they do myself. That mistake cost me around $100,000 per year. I lost A Million dollars in hygiene and can't even tell how much restorative referral and broken schedule appointments. Hire JP and optimize your practice without stressing out. Your patients and team will thank you for it. Oklahoma Dentist

Re-Brand, Re-Build & Re-Juvenate

The Task at hand: How to create superior health and value with patients while maintaining a gracious and healthy environment for our team. Everyone at this point is under great pressure to re-imagine every aspect of their practice, patient health, environment and treatment delivery. It is time to re-boot. Maybe its a gift. Here at JPI we have been working together as a team to research, understand and address the immediate changing needs of our clients and the overall profession. Click below for more relevant information


Loved that you started our virtual training with the team building exercise, review/updates, and touching base with where we are in the hygiene department, so we know what we need to move forward with. I have gone through so much of this with you and I must admit, it is finally sinking into a point where I feel like I can share the concept coherently. I feel like I have understood the protocols and the why to what you have taught, but now I am really grabbing hold of the science behind it. It’s really sinking in this time. I know it’s nerdy, but I’m really looking forward to continuing our study of the articles you have sent. My goal is to take my personal understanding to the level of being able to share/teach our patients the information at their appropriate learning level.


I’m so impressed with how seamlessly training went today. Your instructions on what materials to print off along with the materials you sent worked perfectly with your presentation. I felt like we were totally prepared. Today went better than I could have imagined with the virtual experience!

  • Custom/Personalized, In-Office, Virtual/Online Training

  • JPI Mastership Certification

  • Laser Training

  • Phone Coaching


Applied Knowledge

Knowledge is powerful however applying knowledge can be the secret to sustainable success. Learning from those who have continually succeeded over a lifetime of transitions and challenges should be the persons you trust your life's work to. Trust JPI. Your opportunity for a healthier practice is waiting.   Jan Lazarus

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