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“Join the community of JP Institute certified trainers and clinicians committed to leading the global movement for ideal prevention, oral and systemic health with collaborative dental care.”

The JP Institute has been leading the way in dental team training, individual coaching/training and focused hygiene consulting since 1979.  JP Consultants, now known as The JP Institute, was the first hygiene-centric dental consultancy group providing clinical hands-on training for dental professionals to optimize clinical results, practice growth and profitability.  The founder of JPI, a periodontal hygienist, Jan Lazarus, developed revolutionary protocols supporting early intervention and repetitive non-surgical periodontal therapy.  The original foundational “Evolutionary Team Hygiene” science-based curriculum included integrative treatment planning understanding the host immune response, nutritional support, lifestyle management, and practicing with collaborative care teams. This unique clinical philosophy blended with effective communication and business systems became the successful systematic approach and still today the foundation for a duplicatable model!


 At the core of all the JPI curriculum and implementation has been the understanding that the mouth is a window to overall health of the body and the continual discovery process for determining root cause of disease. These concepts became the key foundational element to the success in teaching dentists and hygienists to discover and recognize and treat early disease, then implement a comprehensive clinical, collaborative team approach to the treatment.  This approach builds on and teaches entire teams an effective “Custom Standardized System” to provide true prevention, early intervention, and integrate oral systemic health concepts.  Their early intervention concepts focused on treating disease beyond four quadrants of root planning and achieving perfect tissue, “whenever possible”.


JPI was my entry into becoming a more advanced practice. It gave a complete system for the hygiene department that made me want to find a similar program for the restorative side of the practice. Then I found out that was part of the JPI program at the next training


We are a husband and wife dental team providing state of the art dental care in a general practice since 1993.  Over the past 17 years, we have continued to build a successful family practice growing from 2 operatories to 8, from 2000 square feet to 3500 square feet and from 1 employee to 12. 

Over the years, we have had less time to devote to management of the practice and although we invest heavily in continuing education and technology, we found it was difficult to get commitment and consistent performance from our team.  This disconnect resulted in underutilization of our many resources and produced a great deal of frustration.     After years of trying to remedy this on our own, we realized we needed someone to help "coach" our office.  Our goal was to develop better systems, improve communication, deliver more consistent care and to reduce overall stress.

We chose to work with JP Consultants Institute and have not been disappointed!  So far, we have had four three-day sessions in our office with outstanding results. 

Working with our JPI trainers has improved the overall attitude in the office and has enabled team members to be more accountable and productive by working with protocols.  JPI has helped implement more consistent use of our intraoral cameras, lasers, Diagnodent, and Velscope.   Our entire periodontal care program has been updated to support overall health and we are re-energized now that all team members have the most up to date science and research information available.  The entire team is proud of the level of periodontal and restorative care that can be provided and understands the importance of their treatment to our patients' overall wellness. 

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