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The JP Institute has been leading the way in dental team training, individual coaching/training and focused hygiene consulting since 1979.  JP Consultants, now known as The JP Institute, was the first hygiene-centric dental consultancy group providing clinical hands-on training for dental professionals to optimize clinical results, practice growth and profitability.  The founder of JPI, a periodontal hygienist, Jan Lazarus, developed revolutionary protocols supporting early intervention and repetitive non-surgical periodontal therapy.  The original foundational “Evolutionary Team Hygiene” science-based curriculum included integrative treatment planning understanding the host immune response, nutritional support, lifestyle management, and practicing with collaborative care teams. This unique clinical philosophy blended with effective communication and business systems became the successful systematic approach and still today the foundation for a duplicatable model!

Whether you’re a new practice looking to organize and optimize hygiene department care and profits or you’re an established practice looking to refine your hygiene environment, we can take you to a new level.  If you’re a large Dental Service Organization or custom, high performing practice, we can help you find new levels of success with superior clinical results, improved restorative aesthetic referral and greater profitability. JPI has always led the field in achieving great clinical results with its innovative, early intervention, non-surgical approach, proven time management strategies, with stress reduction workflow.

The JP Institute, an ADA CERP, FAGD, MAGD recognized continuing education provider, has taught the most advanced clinical protocols, technology, and evidence base science since 1979. The JP Institute specializes in refining hands-on implementation of clinical skills, including the latest evidence-based laser science integrated with effective treatment planning. 


We recently completed our renewal application and received approval to continue providing Continuing Education Credits as an ADA provider.   Our next renewal will be 2022.

Accepted Program Provider FAGD / MAGD Credit #302609



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