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Annie-Laurie Harris BSDH, RDH,MP-

Didactic and Clinical Instructor At York Technical Institute in Rock Hill, SC 

Scientific Advisor and Clinical Trainer for The JP Institute

She has been in clinical practice for 23 years.  Her career began in a progressive Periodontal Specialty practice where she developed a fascination for the treatment and maintenance of periodontal disease.  Within her periodontal practice she was introduced to a philosophy and technique that was innovative and successful in treating periodontal disease.  She received her first intensive training from the JP Institute in “Evolutionary Hygiene” at the Las Vegas Institute in 2004.   In 2008 she completed JP Institute’s Mastership program and completed her train the trainer program to become certified as a workshop leader and trainer for the JP Institute in 2010.   She is also currently pursuing her Master’s in Dental Hygiene Research at Old Dominion University.


As a founding member of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health she has continued to study the evolving scientific research to understand and teach the complexities of treating a biofilm disease and the relationships with oral systemic health. Her colleagues and patients have given her the affectionate nickname “Dental Geek”.  She has been known to attach a head cam to demonstrate (to her willing patients) live video of the biofilm disruption process.  Annie is thrilled to be mentoring and training to fellow colleagues and considers herself a JP Institute Evangelist

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