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Liz Lundry RDH, RDHMP

Liz Lundry has been a practicing Dental Hygienist since 1979 when she graduated from Foothill College in Los Altos, California.  She has been an in-office trainer with The JP Institute since 1988 and earned her Laser Certification in 2000.  She has been using the laser as a clinician since that time.   As a consultant, Liz works with dental practices all over North America through the JP Institute, providing hands-on technology training including lasers and ultrasonic, sub-gingival air polishers, integration of nutrition, integration of Botox, customized in-office coaching and the rigorous post-graduate Mastership Certification curriculum. Liz teaches a unique laser training program through the JP Institute that provides extensive hands-on patient experience as well as basic laser science and laser safety, decontamination of pockets and laser curettage where it is allowed by state.  She has extensive experience training for Diode and NdYAG lasers all over the United States.  She is a published author, and a veteran clinician. As a speaker she has presented to national study clubs and state meetings. Liz also currently works in a general dental practice that offers state of the art cosmetic and laser dentistry.

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