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JP Historical Brief
  • The JP Institute began training dental teams as the first hygiene consulting and training company in 1979.  Teaching began out of a clinical need to offer a non-surgical periodontal protocol and support systems

  • Created a successful train the trainer program and trained over 45- JPI Certified Trainers and Consultants and many have become international speakers

  • JPI Certified Trainers have taught and trained over 3700 grateful JP dental clients in private in-office and clinical setting with over 50,000 team members

  •  Hundreds of private and group workshops allowed JPI to teach hands- on with over 20,000 dental Hygienists and dentists. Clinical continuity workshops included ultrasonics, laser, intra oral camera, subgingival air-polish, and use of valuable new product integration such as saliva testing and cancer screening technologies

  • JPI International Speakers and Workshop Leaders have presented over 250 programs and reached over 80,000 dental practice owners and their teams through local, state, and national conferences in the US, Canada, and England

  • Created custom training programs and workshops for many large and small corporations and trained over 100 Professional Educators. JPI Evolutionary Team Hygiene is now the foundation for successful product and technology integration

  • JPI Evolutionary Team and Hygiene curriculum have been foundational programs at many Premier Restorative/Aesthetic Institutes over 23 years- Teaching team and hygiene support for restorative and aesthetic case presentations

  • JPI Laser confidence, proficiency, and safety training since 1995 when the Diode laser was first introduced to dental hygiene as an all soft tissue laser

  • University of Southern California -USC pilot program for reality- based training in a dental practice setting

  • Experienced business owners with 22 employees and 20 independent contractors finding work, play and family time balance  

  • Founding member of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health and recognition award for life- time achievement for the promotion and dedication to teaching oral and systemic health since 1979 

  • Expanded curriculum to include: Train the Trainer, Health and Life -Style Coaching, Intro to Sleep and Breathing Disorders and Myofunctional Therapy, Certified Stress Mastery Education, Integrate Saliva Testing, Team support for dental spa services, JPI NOW! Build the Oral Systemic Practice and training for  collaborative partners and the non-dental health professional

  • On going development of innovation curriculum with the benefits of clinical CEU recognition

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