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We are pleased to offer laser confidence training that merges perfectly with JPI Protocols.   We have been integrating laser therapy into our treatment plans since they became available here in California.  All our trainers have been using lasers extensively for the last 20 years and have valuable clinical experience from thousands of cases!


Most lasers are relatively simple to use, however, there are important precautions to ensure they are safe and effective.  When used in conjunction with effective treatment planning, and correct technique, superior clinical results can be achieved.

The focus with our laser training will ensure JPI standardization and a reproducible model with hands-on training to successfully integrate laser therapy into your hygiene protocol, enhancing your value of service.  Our goal in working with you and your team will be that, without a doubt, your hygienists will have the training they need to confidently use the laser immediately and see better clinical results.  We recommend scheduling multiple case types to demonstrate needed technique adjustments.

Benefits of using laser therapy:

  • Kills bacteria in the sulcus-Laser bacterial reduction (LBR) - Minimize bacteria during hygiene appointments prior to completing procedures. LBR is the practice of administering low power laser energy within the sulcus.  This helps to reduce bacteremia, cross contamination, and bacterial load.

  • Photo-thermal ablation of inflamed tissue

  • Bactericidal especially to red group pathogens

  • Dehydrates calculus so it is easier to remove

  • Bio-stimulation of stem cells to promote regeneration

  • Hemostasis

  • Removal of diseased and necrotic tissue to expedite wound healing

  • Photo-biomodulation (PBM) - The laser is used for wound healing and pain management

  • Much less sensitivity- minimal post- operative pain

  • Increased added value of clinical results, services and profitability

We have a unique hybrid learning system (HLS) for all our training including our JPI  laser training. The process utilizes a combination of custom phone coaching, virtual classroom style interaction, as well as the use of online JPI eLearning proficiency- based method.

Our hybrid laser training program also includes video demonstrations.


Whenever possible, we continue to include the necessary clinical hands on and over the shoulder training.  JPI laser trainers are prepared to work with the utilization of the required PPE to comply with safe, live, on-site training.  This portion of our training requires limited attendance and is dependent on travel availability. 

Please contact us to review your custom training options and agenda!

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