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JPI Mastership


Introductory coaching call

  • To identify needs, clarify program objectives and discuss expectations.

  • Self-study (online) review of scientific research article recommendations to be completed prior to the first live (Or live stream) 2-day workshop

Session I:  Two Day - interactive workshop and clinical demonstration

  • Introduce and explore evidence based scientific concepts including the art and science of the JPI unique advanced non-surgical periodontal treatment planning

  • Understanding initial integration of salivary diagnostics.

  • Educate, inspire and motivate the entire collaborative team to support comprehensive restorative care and the advanced oral systemic practice

  • Provide valuable Tools and Verbal Skills to support concept integration into daily practice of updated protocols – Introducing the JPI NOW! Time Wheels

  • Introduction to include: Steps to Optimum Health, Stress Mastery and Down to a Science time management.

  • Discover and explore the medical model with interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to treatment

  • Personal Action Plan - established by each participant to support integration

*NOTE: The (RDH) dental hygienists choosing to pursue JPI Mastership Certification and receive RDHMP level I distinction will be required to complete all assignments, testing and one patient JPI Mastership case study between Session I and Session II workshops.


Action Plan Activation, Integration and Implementation  

  • Allow six months time frame for application of the assigned interactive learning activities and case study development to review and share with the group for support and recommendations.  

  • There are four mastermind community phone coaching calls scheduled to support all participants in the patient case study.

  • Individualized participant support with feedback from cohort on case presentation

Session II:  Two-day workshop

  • Application of the art of advanced treatment planning and delivery through participants case study presentations.

    • The top cases will be presented and discussed.

  • Clinical refinements for the Advanced Oral Systemic Practice

  • Introduction of Steps to Optimum Health and the Dental Health Concierge

    • Restorative aesthetic/smile enhancement workshop

    • Advanced Saliva Testing- Case Studies

    • Sleep and breathing disorders and introduction to myofunctional therapy

    • Solutions to address root cause of disease.

    • Foundational nutrition counseling

    • Stress Mastery and Managing Time

    • Clinical trouble shooting

    • Discussing important biomarkers and lab test results.

    • Key strategies to motivate behavior change and life- style modifications to support the host immune response.​​​

  • Summary discussion to solidify commitment to the hygiene Mastership healing-based practice

  • Identify principles and practice to support JP (Joy and Profitability) into your everday practice


Our Ten Evolutionary Hygiene modules cover in detail the concepts of:

  • The Art and Science of Healing:  Bringing healthy life- style strategies into your practice.   

  • Merging restorative, aesthetic, and periodontal care with integrated treatment planning for oral and systemic health  

  • Communication for advance case acceptance

  • Dental disease recognition and risk assessment.

  • Integrated business systems for comprehensive care, internal marketing, and patient retention.

  • Technologies and modalities that support and enhance daily practice.

  • Valuable self-care practices and tools introduced and woven into each module to support overall wellness of the clinician.

  • Introduction of Steps to Optimum Health and Life- Style Management 

  • Collaboration, Communication and Patient Education

  • Stress Mastership-Change Your Relationship With Stress


Each module includes 25-32 objectives.  Please contact us to receive the full syllabus of objectives.


To ensure that every RDHMC student achieves the next level of JP refinement, the Mastership Certification Program is presented in several, diverse educational formats:

  • Traditional classroom setting with RDHMP Manual and PowerPoint presentations by JP Certified Instructors (We will resume live classroom training when appropriate) Beginning June 2020 we will have live streaming and on-line training available.

  • Breakout sessions to facilitate collaborative learning and action plan development between team members.

  • Clinical demonstrations, *Down to a Science, with JP Institute instructors

    • All clinical skills taught are delivered and practiced in both didactic and hands-on format. Clinical continuity for diagnostic screenings will be demonstrated

  • Designed implementation period and support between Session I and Session II

    • Interactive learning and case studies

    • Four mastermind community phone coaching calls.

  • Clinicians are required to complete the appropriate open book written test and case study to achieve JPI Mastership Level I certification (JPI, RDH, MC Level I).

  • Other health professionals are required to attend Session I and Session II and take the appropriate open book written test to achieve JPI, Team, MC Level I.

  • Case studies will be completed and presented during Session II for certification

Continuing Education Credits

All registrants completing the mastership course will receive 32 hours of CEU.

In order to receive RDH,MP Certification Level One distinction, registrants will need to complete case study requirements and pass proficiency testing

The JP Institute, an ADA CERP, FAGD, MAGD recognized continuing education provider, has taught the most advanced clinical protocols, technology, and evidence base science since 1979. The JP Institute specializes in refining hands-on implementation of clinical skills, including the latest evidence-based laser science integrated with effective treatment planning.

We recently completed our renewal application and received approval to continue providing Continuing Education Credits as an ADA provider. Our next renewal will be 2022.

Accepted Program Provider FAGD / MAGD Credit #302609


Annie Harris

"In 2004- "When the dentist I worked for signed a group of us up for JP Institute's 3-day training, my life changed in an instant. To learn of the link between oral disease and systemic health, with practical, scientific solutions, it was as if a light bulb went off." When I got on the plane and then home after the training, I read the entire JP Institute manual. Who gets excited about training manuals!? Energized and excited, my first day back to clinical practice, I enrolled my first eight patients!"

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