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Step One:  Custom Planning for Success

This will include conference calls with a highly experienced JPI trainer to review and discuss goals and objectives to be included in the virtual or live training series.

Step Two:  Goal Sheets and Practice Profile

We will send you a practice profile and goal sheets to be completed and sent to your trainer prior to the first scheduled training.

Step Three: Scheduled Interactive Virtual Training Sessions

Each training will be between 1-2 hours (To be determined during planning):

Session 1. Stress and the Immune System- Our Role Post-Covid 19


Understanding the complexities of oral/systemic health, stress, and the immune system through a growing body of science- based research, empowers us to redefine our scope of practice as healers and role models for our dental team, our patients, and our community. Refinement of saliva testing begins now.


Session 2.     The Updated Successful and Proven JPI

“Down to a Science" and your Time Wheel


Together, we will create your custom plan for the best adjustments to managing time taking into consideration re-defined, clinical, legal, and ethical responsibilities.  A review and custom evaluation for your best time wheels include, “Down to a ScienceTM”, systems for managing your workflow that will include updates on important communication, verbal skills, and key phrasing.  JP NOW! integrates important self- care principles into the entire work-flow day. As introduced in Session 1, saliva testing protocols will be integrated and adjusted.


Session 3. Standardization for Restorative and Specialty Practice Procedures


One of the most appreciated benefits of this jump start program is this modified version of The JPI curriculum. As it is for this training purpose it remains the gold standard of restorative and aesthetic referral training. Additionally, learn redefined roles for supporting restorative and specialty procedures.  We will support you in creating your action plan for success.

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