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JP Mastership Certification
Course Description

In this current challenging environment of COVID19 and healthcare today, we as leaders in the dental profession have become more aware of our vital role in (optimal) total health and true prevention.  Understanding the complexities of oral/systemic health and the immune system through a growing body of science- based research, empowers us to redefine our scope of practice as healers and role models for our dental team, our patients, and our community.


As COVID-19 continues to threaten the healthcare system and our lives, it is now imperative that we understand and communicate the host-immune challenges and the periodontal connections to our patients.  In addition, it is time that we embrace the dental medical model with an interdisciplinary approach that includes partnering and collaboration with health care professionals. The JP mastership certification program is designed to support the evolution of our current science-based practice integrated with total optimal health.


Valuable self-care practices and tools will be introduced and woven into each module to support overall wellness of the clinician and patient.  Lifestyle strategies for optimum health will include important nutrients and anti-inflammatory food to support preventive health and healing. There will also be an emphasis on the importance of understanding your relationship with stress and anxiety while learning the difference between managing stress and using stress as fuel for positive change and master it.


This whole-body healing- based system inspires the level of science-based healthcare and healing that is at the core of our commitment to overall health for ourselves as individuals, the patients we serve, and the entire health care profession.  

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